Read what attendees have to say about the Brain Exchange.

Helly Seeley, Global Marketing and Innovation Director, Pacific Direct:

The Brain Exchange provides the opportunity to meet intelligent, passionate people outside of my immediate industry with whom to share ideas, and lend expertise and new perspectives to one another’s strategic challenges.

Alan Styler, Owner 17-7 Ltd

The Brain Exchange is a unique opportunity to be part of a group of respected experienced people who exchange thoughts and ideas in a completely open way on just about every aspect of work and enterprise.

Sharon Clews, HR Consultant:

What I most appreciate about the Brain Exchange is the shared vulnerability of the group that leads to “ah-ha” moments. Having someone in the hot seat, sharing their story or issue, or problem and being able to contribute to and help them out is a great ‘feel good’ moment, and creates a genuine sharing of experience, empathy and learning.

James Aston, Managing Director, “Moneyspyder”:

Being invited to this closed group of industry experts allowed me the freedom to share honestly and embrace the differing solutions being played back. A cathartic business experience that money can’t buy – recommended.

Rob Smith, Managing Director of IndigoBlue

 I exchanged my brain for one significantly better.  I pity the other party in this transaction.

Sally Smallwood, Design Director:

…Diverse thought, challenging concepts, rigorous thinking..and it’s playful.

Clare Morley, Chief Executive, Policy Connect:

I value the different perspectives of the group members.  It is so useful and refreshing to use someone else’s brain and unique experiences and view of the world to help me think about new ways to tackle things, whether I am in the hot seat or not.  And each time I get a whole group of new brains to use.

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