A problem shared
is a problem

A cathartic business experience that money can't buy - recommended.
James Aston, Managing Director, "Moneyspyder"
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Meet like minds
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Imagine a business meeting where there are no hidden agendas, just a genuine desire to listen, learn and share. Frank open discussions about business issues. Experienced professionals looking for a sounding board. Open to suggestion.

That's the Brain Exchange.

  • Sales &
    "I am thinking of expanding my business into new markets. Is this a sensible move and what are the issues I need to consider?"
  • People
    "My efforts to improve the perfomance of my top team have failed. How can I get to the bottom of what is going on and resolve this situation before it gets any worse"
  • Product
    "I am planning to launch a new product but the feedback from trials suggests that pricing is a real issue. I have no experience of pricing models, what should I do next?"
  • Financial
    "My small business can't grow without substantial investment. I've tried the usual channels, what else can I do?"
  • Strategy &
    "I want to propose a radical change of strategy to my board but I am expecting the Directors to oppose my ideas. How can I ensure that I achieve the right outcome?"

Example topics

"I am thinking of expanding my business into new markets. Is this a sensible move and what are the issues I need to consider?"

No two questions
the same

People come to the Brain Exchange for different reasons. Some want to take the hot seat and place a problem before their fellow members. Others come out of curiosity, to share their experiences and hear the opinions of others. The issues discussed at the Brain Exchange are typical of those facing senior management in today's business environment.

Events run for two hours and involve up to ten people. Each event includes a 60 minute moderated discussion. So time at the Brain Exchange is time well spent.

said inside
stays inside

At the Brain Exchange every member is bound by a simple yet fundamental rule. What's said inside the Brain Exchange stays inside the Brain Exchange. Completely confidential. No exceptions.


It is so useful and refreshing to use someone else's brain and unique experiences and view of the world to help me think about new ways to tackle things, whether I am in the hot seat or not. And each time I get a whole group of new brains to use.
Clare Morley, Chief Executive, Policy Connect
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Once a month
a meeting of
like minds

The Brain Exchange takes place once a month in a variety of venues. To attend you first need to register as a member. Places at each event are by invitation only. The moderator may ask if wish to be in the hot seat.

A unique opportunity to be part of a group of experienced people who exchange ideas in a completely open way on just about every aspect of work and enterprise.
Alan Styler, Managing Director, "17-7 Ltd"

Share insights, expertise
and experiences

You'll find everyone from CEOs to Senior Partners, from entrepreneurs to the simply curious. Already business professionals from all walks of life have taken part in a Brain Exchange event. If the idea of peer to peer support in a confidential environment appeals The Brain Exchange is the place for you

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